Reclining in Tub, Playing with Toes


24″ x 48″ X 1″
Acrylic paint, house paint and spray paint on Rescue Canvas

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This painting is on a canvas rescued from the attic of a house that I used to rent on Turner St. in Raleigh, North Carolina. I sprayed and drizzled it and left it as abstract. I moved to Seattle. It lived in storage at my sister’s house in North Carolina while I lived in Seattle for 3 years. I moved back in with my sister and she had all my paintings on her walls! I stared at and stared at it and the figure jumped out at me. I grabbed it off wall, and embellished the woman’s voluptuous curves and the pouring faucet. The thoughtful contemplation in her face and the whimsy of her upturned hand… the flowing hair and the washed out toes beneath the flowing water…. This painting features a very important red paint which I painted with for years, leaving it in storage to travel and then breaking it out again upon my return to North Carolina. It’s consistency began to morph and it became chunkier and chunkier. It finally dried up in July of 2019. It is featured in MANY paintings.