In Brief

North Carolina based world traveler specializing in revolutionary artistic techniques and boundary-pushing methods of expression.

Kate Bopp is a painter, collage artist, erotic artist, performance artist, builder, jeweler, singer, musician, conceptual artist, digital artist, and co-creator.

Kate does live art at music and community events. She sells fine art, jewelry, vinyl record art clocks, and natural and found-art constructions. To commission, please contact the artist via email

Technique and Medium

Experimentation is the action or process of trying out new ideas, methods or activities. Every surface that Kate Bopp works on or with is a laboratory wherein she mis-uses tools, employs unorthodox techniques, and articulates with both unconventional and traditional mediums. Painting and drawing were her first loves and technology is her play thing.

Every Kate Bopp work of art is notably a “Kate Bopp.” She makes use of specialized procedures and methods to develop color palettes and textural landscapes that convey movement, growth, decay, and time lapse. Most pieces begin as part of a series of abstract explorations. She often works on many pieces simultaneously and will use one canvas to make marks on another. Sometimes one (or more) of the abstract pieces begin to suggest figures or objects in their Rorschach-like abstractions, and Kate slowly and deliberately embellishes the forms and figures with color juxtaposition. If outlines ever materialize, they are generally sketched in last. Kate often refers to this process as “backwards painting.”

Kate deconstructs her own art using computer technology. Sometimes she inverts colors, sometimes she repeats mirror images into fractal-like patterns and sometimes she cuts-and-pastes until 2 originals have been so co-mingled that they are rendered unrecognizable when compared to their unaltered scans.

Truly a Renaissance woman, Kate paints, draws, assembles, collages, builds, sews, writes, sings, composes, plays, programs and performs. She creates erotic art, art clothing, one-of-a-kind or small batch Alien Artifact jewelry, vinyl record art clocks, constructions, assemblages, and installations. She is at home whether painting on a huge wall or working in a tiny 3″x3″ square wood block.

She is a visual artist, a conceptual artist, a muralist, an entrepreneur, an innovator, an inventor, a mystic, a co-creator, and a radical.

The Artist, in her own words…

“When I look at my art, I can see stories developing over time. I can see things being born and dying. I can see myself and everyone I have ever loved. I do not feel that my art is even ‘MINE’ in a way. It is an energy that courses through me, spilling and gushing out, using me as its vessel. Often I do not plan my works of art. They literally wake me out of bed, drag me to the canvas and move my hands for me.”

“A considerable amount of materials I use are found, recycled, re-purposed, rescued, second-hand, free, gifted, manifested or discovered. I do spend money on supplies, but I try to prioritize energetic recycling over hole-filling. Canvases come to me, weird jewelry effects appear, strange pigment shows up in my studio, and natural objects find me. In a world where machines create new JUNK everyday, I experiment in my laboratory, where new galaxies are born.”

Shows, galleries and exhibits

Kate has had solo shows and participated in group shows across the United States. Her work has appeared at Pitch Media Gallery, The Wainscott Gallery, Passage Consignment, E2 Gallery, Humboldt Carpet Imports, Has Beans, Many Hands Gallery, The Ink People, the PARC Office, The Humboldt Book Fair, The In Arts NW, Bon Voyage Vintage, Liminal Gallery, Elizabeth Galecke Photography, and Fig Raleigh. She has participated in community art fairs in North Carolina, California and Washington State: Raleigh First Friday, the Boylan Heights Art Walk, the Chix in Business Holiday Pop Up, Artsplosure, Arts Alive Eureka, Arts Arcata, The Heart Break Science Fair, the Capitol Hill Art Walk, and the Pioneer Square Art Walk.

Kate has been a resident artist or member of multiple entertainment and community collectives across the United States, working alongside many other creative minds: The Ink People, E2, Liberation Soundclash, Humboldt Free Radio Alliance, Humboldt Food Not Bombs, Seattle Food Not Bombs, The In Arts NW, Chix in Business, Head Room Drum and Bass, Art Night, and CoLab. She has participated in multiple “art pop-ups” with Chix in Business, Reveal Live, Reveal Ent, Meeting Street Productions, UMC Community Art Night, and CoLab. Kate also is a “live art” performance artist and has worked at the following events: Grounded Seattle, Deeper Roots by the Uniting Souls Project, the Cancer FREE World Festival and 5k, Reveal Live Music and More, Reveal Live, Head Room Drum and Bass, Subtek Music, and Hall of Now.

Contact for Residencies, Commissions, Purchases, Exhibitions, and Performances

Kate is a revolutionary and one of her personal revolutions is the Heart Exchange. She likes to get to know her patrons. If you are interested in commissioning her for a private or public work, inviting her to show in your gallery, or requesting a residency or performance, please fill out the web form below to begin your artistic relationship with Kate. She has a lot to share with the world and she hopes that you will share a little of you.

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