My name is Kate. I am an artist. I paint, collage, draw, assemble, write, play music, write music and sing. I do erotic art, murals, live art and live performance art. I am an artist, entrepreneur, inventor, innovator, problem solver, co-creator and radical. My studio and gallery, Liminal Gallery, is currently based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. To purchase, commission or just to say “Hello,” please contact via email:

How did I get here?

I was born in the Appalachian Mountainous area of Western Pennsylvania (a very dark place) during the darkest month of the year (February). My earliest days were spent drawing, crafting, daydreaming and playing outside on my family’s property in the country. We lived in a black-and-white striped Lincoln-log house with a pavilion and a barn and a chicken coop. It was blissful and chilly, and my memories are of daffodils, mushrooms, the swing, the cellar door, tiny pine cones, water-skippers in the stream behind our house and the weeping willow crawling with caterpillars in the spring time. I grew sunflowers and green peppers in pots and I had a pea garden off the side of the house. My earliest art project that I can remember is a rather intricate collage book using wallpaper samples, illustrating my made-up story about a mermaid. There were sea creatures and plants, a beautiful mermaid, her fish friends and the ocean floor. I did not know how to write at that time, and little curly-cue swirling “captions” comprised the narrative. I would sit in my parents’ laps and “read” them the story (making it up as I went along– the story changed every time.) Then I learned to read. Then we moved to the South and my life was never the same.

It is interesting to look back on my life and reflect on the sheer amount of time that I have spent in nature. My relationship with plants, water, the sky, animals and the ground has been unwavering. I am connected to the earth: I am of it, I am in it, I am around it and it is within me. Art and the earth are what tether me to this world. I have lived in Northern California and Washington State (multiple times in multiple places) and I have traveled to other countries. I have grown and tended plants, I have hitchhiked, I have slept under mountain skies, I have awoken next to the smoldering remains of a beach fire at dawn, I have climbed mountains and I have swam in cold rivers. When I look at my art, I can see stories developing over time. I can see things being born and dying. I can see myself and everyone I have ever loved. I do not feel that my art is even “MY” art in a way. It is an energy that courses through me, spilling and gushing out, using me as its vessel. Often I do not plan my works of art. They literally wake me out of bed, drag me to the canvas and move my hands for me.

What brings me to you….

I make art and I sell art. I paint huge paintings and small paintings. I make erotic art, I do abstract art and I paint pictures. I do collage, assembly and installation. I make art with Vinyl Records. I make one-of-a-kind Alien Artifact Jewelry. I do commissions, I do murals and I do conceptual art. I make music, I write, I sing and I dance. And I create web-store art with WordPress. It is my great hope that by allowing myself true creative expression in my life, that I may find other like-minded co-creators, and that TOGETHER we will create a better world built on love, trust, autonomy and accountability. A considerable amount of materials I use are found, recycled, re-purposed, rescued, second-hand, free, gifted, manifested or discovered. I do spend money on supplies, but I try to prioritize energetic recycling over hole-filling. Canvases come to me, weird jewelry effects come to me, strange paint comes to me and natural objects find me. In a world where we create new JUNK everyday, I take OLD stuff and create NEW art. Regarding the Alien Artifact Jewelry, all earrings necklace cords are new. It is the pendants and bobbles and goodies that are often recycled.


My gallery is called Liminal Gallery. It has had storefronts in Seattle and North Carolina and it exists here on this website, which I have built. I have shown my work at the following galleries and locations, spread across the United States: Artsplosure, The Wainscott Gallery, Passage Consignment, Pitch Media Gallery, E2 Gallery, Humboldt Carpet Imports, Has Beans, The Ink People, the PARC Office, The In Arts NW, Bon Voyage Vintage, and Fig Raleigh. I have been a part of many collectives: The Ink People, E2, Liberation Soundclash, Humboldt Free Radio Alliance, Humboldt Food Not Bombs, Seattle Food Not Bombs, The In Arts NW, Chix in Business and Head Room Drum and Bass. I have been a resident member of 2 art collectives wherein I helped organize and execute monthly community art and music events. I contributed art and performed as a resident musician. Recently I have been participating in multiple “art pop-ups” with Chix in Business, Reveal Live, Meeting Street Productions and UMC Community Art Night. I have done live art at DJ and/or traditional music events with Grounded Seattle, Uniting Souls Project, Reveal Live, Head Room Drum and Bass, and Subtek Music.

Please buy my art. Every purchase you make furthers my ability to acquire more supplies to break down more barriers and erect more love. To commission a new work of art, please contact via email: All “for sale” items on this site are fully purchase-able via this Web Store. If you are interested in having prints made of the images you see on this site, please email me at

Thank you and have a wonderful day!