Alien Artifacts Jewelry

One-of-a-kind fine art wearables. Materials include wood, metal, bone, shell, leather, vegan “suede,” feather, canvas, silk, stone, crystal, silver, gold, thread, ribbon… stardust. Sources include vintage, upcycled, recycled, re-purposed, rescued and otherwise strangely-gotten world artifacts. All earring hooks and necklace cords are new material.

Single pendant necklaces are unisex and adjustable. Leather and vegan “suede” cords come with enough length to be worn long, but can also be tied shorter to become chokers. All earrings are french hooks.

Sold at pop-up art fairs. Commissions are taken. Demiparures (necklace and earring sets) are possible and frequent. please contact the artist via email

Vinyl Record Art

3D art assemblage featuring real Vinyl Records, self-developed painting techniques, collage elements, clock guts.

Abstract color explosions. Psychedelic imagery. Erotic art vintage pinup cutouts. Working Quartz clock motors with moving hands. Spinning second hands. World Famous. Collected by Raleigh-ites.

Musical styles include drum&bass, jungle, soul, house, techno, trance, vintage soundtracks, rock & roll, classical. Labels are worked into composition. 100% one-of-a-kind.

Sold at pop-up art fairs. Commissions accepted. please contact the artist via email

Live Art Performance

Start-to-finish creation of unique paintings in a live atmosphere. No pre-planning of composition or subject matter.

Daytime festivals, nighttime music events, community art events, street fairs. Fast-drying acrylic paint. Self-developed original techniques.

Spectators become part of the performance, interacting with the artist, sharing ideas. At night time music events, colored lighting is often part of the aesthetics of the show. Thus, colors are not always what they seem. Part of the experience is viewing the finished piece at the end of the show when “the lights come back on.”

To invite Kate for live art performance, please contact the artist via email

Kate has worked at: E2, Head Room DnB, Grounded Seattle, Deeper Roots, Reveal Music & More, Reveal Live, Cancer Free World Festival & 5K, The In Arts NW


Fine Art Solo Exhibitions


14 painting showcase at Fig in Raleigh, NC

March 2019

It used to be that we would consult a Map to find the places we had never been.  Following the twisted lines, we discovered things (about ourselves?) that we never knew were there.  In 2012, I started charting out my travels, mostly for me and mostly out of pure introspection.  But today, I AM YOUR GUIDE! 

Underground Art

26 painting and 2 collage art and music event. Boylan Heights, Raleigh, NC

October 2017

3D paintings, abstract, erotic, nature art. the 3D glasses can be seen here, being worn by the artist. Musical Styles by the late DJ Bizzy B, RIP, we miss you


31 piece Loft show at Bon Voyage Vintage

July 2015

Pioneer Square Art Walk event. Hyper-color, abstract, erotic and nature paintings. 3D paintings. Figure Drawings. Features a 10-painting 3d assemblage made entirely of rescue materials.

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